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UF Winter Results 7 December 2009

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We won. :) Varsity team (team A) was undefeated and won first place in division I (first time ever for PHS). JV team (team B) was undefeated and won first place in division II. Team C was composed of juniors, but division I was full so we had to put them in division II with the assumption that they couldn’t win anything since division II is supposed to be for underclassmen only. They were second place, but the way things worked out, the people running everything just decided to drop them a place. They won third. Phi, Hayden, and Freddie all won individual trophies in division II.

Here are our scores for each of the games we played.


  1. us (380) vs. Montverde (90)
  2. us (300) vs. Lincoln A (200)
  3. us (365) vs. Rickards B (10)
  4. us (455) vs. Hardee B (10)
  5. us (415) vs. Maclay (10)
  6. us (300) vs. Western (110)
  7. us (280) vs. Tate (150)


  1. us (340) vs. Eastside B (30)
  2. us (305) vs. Ransom-Everglades (35)
  3. us (275) vs. Eastside A (90)

Damn, we are so cool.