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Lost Books 1 January 2010

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Over the years, I have lost quite a few books. By “lost”, I mean misplaced or forgotten or just disappeared.

I begin my sad account with the tale of my lost Roald Dahl books (Diligent readers may recall — I almost didn’t — that I wrote a post mentioning Roald Dahl last year). I remember owning The Witches; Danny, the Champion of the World; The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More; Esio Trot; and Fantastic Mr. Fox (which has been turned into a movie I will refuse to watch). I read all of Dahl’s children’s stories — except perhaps one. I loved them dearly. Yet, I realized one day that I no longer had them. Quel horreur! I was convinced they were hidden away in some corner of the attic (I find this idea of old, cherished artifacts being kept away in an attic very romantic), but it was not so. As I mentioned in that previous post, Rald Dahl’s stories are definitely going to be something my children read.

(I have been saying that a lot — when I have children they will definitely read that or watch this. On the list so far: the Harry Potter series, all the works of Dr. Seuss, Scooby Doo, Disney animated movies, everything by Pixar…)

Another unfortunate loss: I used to have not one, but two copies of Little Women. Well, one included only the first half, but it was ok because it was one of those two-books-in-one, and the other book was the fairly decent The Secret Garden. The Little Women story is truly a classic and it saddens me that I don’t have it any longer. I started off with reading the little Children’s Illustrated Classics abridged version, so you know the story has been with me for a long time. I still enjoy watching the movie when it comes on. Once, in second grade, we were doing a reading program in which you were quizzed on books, and if you passed you got a certain number of points. I took the Little Women test for my friend because he was short on points. I still remember those days. :) (I won the accelerated reading contest in fourth grade, and the prize was pie-ing my principal in the face! Good times, good times.)

There was a time when I was perhaps too obsessed with Harry Potter (impossible!, you say? My parents beg to differ). I used to hide away my copies under my bed and read them in secret. At some point, however, I realized I couldn’t find my copy of the third book (Prisoner of Azkaban, for you lame-os who don’t know them by number) anywhere. I searched and I searched, for weeks and weeks. I was convinced that my mother had hidden it away (she had done it in the past, but never so effectively). Years went by. Two years, to be exact. Because I never knew what happened to my book until I went to India (which we try to do once every two years) and found out that I had left my copy there!

I seem to have misplaced my copy of Heart of Darkness. I had started to read it, but never really got into it. Now, for the life of me, I can’t find it! Damn.

I almost included Brave New World on this list, because when I was organizing my bookshelf the other day I had no idea where it went. I recall, however, that I lent it out to someone several months ago (it’s been at least five or six months) and they haven’t returned it yet. :(

Another that almost made the list: Eragon. It, too, is on a long-term loan. Except, this loan has lasted at least two or three years. Yeah…

I had lost The Scarlet Letter for quite a while, but Hayden found it somehow and remembered that I had lost my copy. Weird. Still haven’t had a chance to read it, though.

I hope this long, rambling post makes up for the scarcity of posts these past few weeks. I have an excuse, though! I was in Orlando for five days. (Not really a great excuse for the remaining 12-ish days worth of no posts, but whatever.)


2 Responses to “Lost Books”

  1. Autumn Says:


    I finally figured out how to link to the full post from those facebook RSS feeds. (Hey, looking for links in French ain’t easy…)! This makes me consider doing a similar sentimental inventory, or anti-inventory, in the case of those lost books. I, too, adore Roald Dahl and found him to be a great children’s author–The Witches was so much fun–and would add Shel Silverstein’s poetry to the list of must-reads for future kids.

    I also have some Roald Dahl translations in French if you’d ever like to borrow them, though reading them won’t replace disappeared original-English versions. Three novels (Charlie et la Chocolaterie, Charlie et le Grand Ascenseur, and Matilda) were given to me by Mme. Cox (did you ever have her as a French teacher, or was she before your time?) and one short story collection (Kiss Kiss) I bought at the mall in Dijon. I’ve vaguely decided to collect Roald Dahl books in French. And owls.

    I hope you find some of those books. Keep blogging!


    • Aly Says:

      I loved The Witches too! Probably my favorite.

      I never had Mme. Cox, no. She left the year before I was a freshman. I would love to read those books in French, but they’d have to get in line between the ten-ish books I have waiting for my attention. Oh, the luxury of despairing over too many books! Haha.

      Thanks for your generosity; I’ll let you know if I decide to take you up on your offer. I truly might!

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