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New Semester Resolutions! 21 January 2010

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I’m a terrible person: I haven’t updated in a good two weeks. :( But exams are over and the new semester has begun. After experiencing my first day of the second half of junior year, I realized some shit needs to change.

First, I need to get a better sleep schedule. My current one is pathetic and I would actually rather not talk about it.

Second, I need to dedicate an hour to reading (recreational or required) away from the computer. While this would preferably occur at the end of the day, that may not be possible. I am currently a hundred pages into In Cold Blood and have been assigned Madame Bovary for English class. In addition, I need to keep up with the reading for my other classes.

Third, I need to exercise at least 15 minutes every day. I plan to use this time to study by reading while using the treadmill.

Fourth, I gotta get all my bio labs done on time! It’s a running joke, and I would kind of like it to end. Like, now.

This list is really impromptu and probably stupid. But I just wanted to have something up.

Friday we’re going to Spartanburg, SC, for a tournament. It’s one of the biggest tournaments we ever go to (except for nationals). ISome of the best schools in the Southeast will be there. I don’t really think there’s a chance of us winning, but I think we can come close.


One Response to “New Semester Resolutions!”

  1. Jordan Says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I always enjoy reading your blog. It seems so much better than other peoples blags.

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