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UF Winter Results 7 December 2009

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We won. :) Varsity team (team A) was undefeated and won first place in division I (first time ever for PHS). JV team (team B) was undefeated and won first place in division II. Team C was composed of juniors, but division I was full so we had to put them in division II with the assumption that they couldn’t win anything since division II is supposed to be for underclassmen only. They were second place, but the way things worked out, the people running everything just decided to drop them a place. They won third. Phi, Hayden, and Freddie all won individual trophies in division II.

Here are our scores for each of the games we played.


  1. us (380) vs. Montverde (90)
  2. us (300) vs. Lincoln A (200)
  3. us (365) vs. Rickards B (10)
  4. us (455) vs. Hardee B (10)
  5. us (415) vs. Maclay (10)
  6. us (300) vs. Western (110)
  7. us (280) vs. Tate (150)


  1. us (340) vs. Eastside B (30)
  2. us (305) vs. Ransom-Everglades (35)
  3. us (275) vs. Eastside A (90)

Damn, we are so cool.


First Impressions of Google Wave 27 November 2009

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So I got invited to Google Wave today. Cool stuff, right?

Several of my friends are on there, so we ended up having a little conversation, kind of like a chatroom. I’m not satisfied. First, I should clarify: I don’t think we were using Wave for the right purposes. Wave is supposed to be for collaboration or whatever. We were just a bunch of sixteen-year-olds goofing off. Also, this post presumes a cursory familiarity with Google Wave (see the Google Wave Help Page for info). In any case, here are my thoughts.

The positives. I can see using Wave (when it comes out of beta or whatever you call this) for newspaper stuff. It looks useful for things like invitations (but Facebook takes care of a lot of that, doesn’t it?). It’s definitely a cool concept.

The negatives. The see-what-your-friends-are-typing-IN-REAL-TIME is useful, but confusing. Actually, I prefer the way EtherPad does things. It’s more intuitive. The main issue I see is that the lag makes “real time” rather inaccurate. The annoyance comes in because the words lag showing up on your own screen as well as everyone else’s. So it feels like typing on my computer when it’s feeling especially slow ;). Another annoyance is the lack of a “mark all as read”-type feature. You have to click on each reply before Wave considers it “read”.

Julie said it seemed as though Wave was trying to improve communication…but failing. I kind of agree, but at the same time I think it could be really useful in the right circumstances.

My last concern is that all of the legitimate uses I can think of for Google Wave are rendered moot because barely any of my friends are on here :-/.

In any case, I’m sure Wave will be improved substantially before it makes it out of preview mode. And it has the potential to be awesome.

Edit: also I think the whole “\/\/ave” thing is a little ridiculous. It’s a wave, we get it. Just use a regular W from now on.


An Adventure! 18 November 2009

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I rode the bus yesterday. It was my first time riding the bus home since middle school, and what an experience it was. I’ll refer to the notebook for my account of the event. [I originally wrote this in the notebook in cobbled-together French, of which I’m pretty proud.]

I had to take the bus because my dad’s out of town and my mom had work. I called up Kaylynn a couple days before and we decided where we were going to meet up. I’ve ridden the bus to school in the past, when we have a late-start day and my mom has work, so I was somewhat acquainted with the institution. (more…)


A Notebook 16 November 2009

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As you may have construed from my last post, I started writing in a notebook. It’s only been a day, but it’s actually pretty nice. I can write down all the things I wouldn’t put online and record  funny incidents or random thoughts that pop into my head.

They say one of the best ways to become a better writer is to write regularly, and unfortunately I just don’t have the time to do that here. But with this notebook, I get to fill some free time in class, and there’s always the chance something from my notebook could make it onto my blag. :)

Plus, it’s more personal, and something I’d have fun reexamining in a few years. I hope I keep up with this.


Yay for Crappy, Late-Night Poetry!

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I picked up a notebook today,
Just because.
Its pristine red cover,
Its shiny white pages,
They beckon.

What will fill these pages?
Insightful ramblings?
Pages of flowing writing?
Almost-skillful pencil sketches?
Such potential!

And so I begin to write.
But what sad results:
Handwriting far from neat,
Words far from lasting,
So I wonder….

Who will care to read this?
To wade through my to-do lists,
My silly, naïve concerns,
My messy, barely poetic poems?
No one.

Such potential this book had.
It could have been great.
Instead, my wet hair drips,
My pencil keeps writing, maligning,

I wasn’t worthy after all.


Me=lame 15 November 2009

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I know I haven’t really written in about two weeks, and I apologize. :(

I’ve just been caught up in school and school and homework and extracurricular activities. I’ve been really exhausted and just haven’t felt like writing or come up with anything interesting to write about. Do me a favor. Be creative for me and tell me what to write about.

Love you all! :)


The Secret of Life 29 October 2009

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Kurt Vonnegut is one of those authors (another is Douglas Adams) who write the type of book that is chock-full of quotable quotes.

Here, a passage from Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle. (more…)