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Holy Shit, Am I Blagging Again? 8 August 2010

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…maybe. Haha. Yeah, it’s been over six months. I would be lying if I claimed I’ve been too busy to blog since then; that’s just ridiculous. Yes, the end of the year got really stressful, and then the next day I was in France for two and a half weeks, but I’ve had plenty of time. The only problem is, I’ve had nothing to say.

That sounds like such a cop-out, but it’s unfortunately true. I’ll just have to get over myself and write again, won’t I? Haha.

So anyway, the biggest thing going on in my life right now is probably college applications and getting pressured by my parents to choose a major. I visited six colleges in the past month: UF, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, UPenn, Princeton, and UMich. Sounds impressive, except it has clarified just about nothing for me. The problem lies in that I have no clue what I want to major in. I have no clue what I want to have as a career. And since most schools have certain areas in which they are particularly strong, knowing a major would make this process only about a million times easier. Oh well. I’ll just apply to everywhere now and figure it out when they let me in/offer financial aid.