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Pretty Pictures 27 February 2009

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Hey, guys. You should all check out Holly’s deviant art page. She has a lot of really nice photography on there. If you need some time to kill (hah!) then be sure to stop by. :)


My NHS Essay

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Considering that I think I am the only one up at this point, so chances of plagiarism are approaching zero, I am going to go ahead and post this, along with commentary (in bold). Either that or I just want to update my blog and/or procrastinate some more. My essay was on service and what it means to me and all that jazz.



India Stuffs 25 February 2009

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Note: This post may cause Kay severe irritation. Read with caution.

It is official: I am going to India this summer. It will only be for three weeks, but I am still really excited. It has been two years since I was there, and I am especially anticipating this since the plan is for us to go to Delhi and Agra. I have never been there before, and I am looking forward to seeing the red fort, the Taj, and all the rest.

My mom was talking to my family in India the other day, and the subject of my cousin’s cousin’s upcoming marriage arose. Yes, the same guy, Amit, who wanted to marry a manglik, about whom I wrote previously. It turns out Amit gets to marry her! I was so happy. Unfortunately, the wedding is a week before I get to India, but my mom is going, at least. I do not even know Amit’s fiancée’s name, but I am still very happy. I guess logic does win sometimes!

Continuing in the India theme I seem to have developed, I decided to ask my parents for Indian “dual citizenship” (not exactly dual citizenship, but it is close enough). It costs $275, but I think they might let me get it.I am not asking for a sweet sixteen party (my birthday’s in a month), nor am I requesting dual citizenship urgently. It is hard to explain, but I have always felt more strongly for India than for the US, and getting this would reflect that.

Hey, guys! Slumdog Millionaire won! I really loved the medley of the Original Song nominees at the Oscars. It was really beautiful. AR Rahman is a great singer (Dil Se . . . Re, Swades, and now Slumdog), and I am so glad he won the Oscar. John Legend was awesome, too.

I know the movie is technically made by British people (and produced by Warner Brothers, I believe), but I think it is great that more and more people are learning about India (however, it kind of sucks that they see so much of the slums, instead of the other bits). It was really fun to see from an Indian perspective, just because it was nice knowing and understanding more than the average viewer would (I learned some nice Hindi curse words from the movie that I promptly forgot).

I really have to get back to work . . . I am so behind! Sorry I have not blogged in a bit. I have just been procrastinating way too much. It used to be that blogging was how I procrastinated, but not anymore. Now I just sleep or something. I am actually not at all sure where my time goes. ;)


Golden 18 February 2009

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My world is a beautiful world. I am half-convinced that no one else’s world is as great as mine. Everyone else is just kidding themselves, because there is nothing that could top this. My world is a joy, every day. Even on the worst, most stressful, confusing, downright terrible days, I still cannot help but feel smashing. And why should I not? My world is golden. It is the best I have ever known (hehe), to be sure. I have everything I could ever want: life, learning, love, liberty, luck, laughter (alliteration (and consonance)). This world may not be the best ever (sorry, Pangloss, it is true),  but my world is. Better get used to it.

From what stems this all? I have no idea. I am just in the mood for marveling, and what is more marvelous than me?


Stargazing, or Somesuch 17 February 2009

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I went outside again today for a little while. It was rather chilly, but I just stood around, taking in the sky. There was a lot of light tonight, since apparently there was a soccer game at Ashton Brosnaham, the park near my house.



Mars Is Bright Tonight 9 February 2009

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Actually, I have no clue how to spot planets in the sky. I just love that line. The reason that is my title is because the sky is really beautiful tonight. Especially the moon.



:( –> :) 2 February 2009

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A few days ago, I was feeling very bad. I was really not feeling to great about myself, but I did not want to admit it to anyone else. It was not really a big deal, in hindsight, but it felt huge at the time. Sometimes, shattered paradigms respond nastily to being hit full-force by reality.

Anyway, someone, from whom comfort was totally unexpected (“unexpected” is such an understatement. I had expected schadenfreude or something), said a few words, a couple of sentences, that made a big difference for me. Those words changed my outlook on the entire situation. The person did not know what effect his or her words had, unfortunately.

If you ever have something nice you want to say to someone, something you were considering omitting, then say it. It can really have a huge effect on that person, and it can really be a gift, especially when received from unexpected sources. If you do not know the person well, surprise him or her. Even if it does not comfort him or her directly, I think knowing that there are people out there who care for your well-being and sympathize or empathize can be cheering in itself.

I think I will try to do this from now on. To try to make people feel better when they need it. I also need to learn not to kick people when they are down, to refrain from the snarky comments when people are particularly vulnerable. We will see how this works out. (Only being half-serious with that last bit . . . hopefully?)

Since chances are supremely unlikely that this will ever be seen by the person to whom I am in debt, I will forgo another, parting thank-you, and in its place, offer this thought:

I am up at 1:23 blogging instead of finishing my math IA. Am I crazy? I think not. I just have negative self-control skills. :D